Star Wars: Confederacy Era

Episode VII: Crossroads




After the battle and Aeris is safely aboard their next port of call is to get the Shroud to Zell. Once they contact him aboard The Moonshadow, Zell asks them to bring the Shroud to him at Lianna in the Tion Cluster where he is staying for a few days (Lianna is near the edge of The Badlands and happens to be Malius’ Homeworld), in an apartment in the city of Melford. Of course, the group still need to think of what to do with the young Princess. She knows that her mother and father are dead, and that she is the only remaining member of the Royal Onderon Family, but is also acutely aware that she cannot return there at the present time. It might prove prudent for her to remain aboard the Moonshadow…

The group are able to get from Onderon to Lianna via Hyperspace without any problems after dealing with HuMech forces, and Zell meets them from the Star Port in a large chauffeur-driven landspeeder before taking them to his hotel “The Melford Heights” where he gives them each the 4,000c for their troubles.

Zell says he has been able to discover the location of the final artifact; a set of ceremonial gauntlets that were once part of a larger set of armour. Apparently it was recently unearthed on the ancient Sith homeworld of Korriban and would like the group to procure it for him. He points out that this is the last item, and that he would remain on Lianna for a week giving them enough time to collect it.


Zell has a source who spent some time recently unearthing some old Sith tombs on the planet, but due to the fear surrounding The Force and Force-Users in general, most people give the world a wide berth. Its population was decimated during the Force Cull and most of the cities like vacant. That being said a people – and other things – do still exist on the planet, and they should be careful. His informant says a private expedition funded by Zakha Enterprises is on the world but are almost entirely scientists and non-combatants; they have a small cadre of guards. Zell points out that the Artifact is not legally anyone’s, but he wants the group to procure it and has been authorized to pay them 10,000c each for the Gauntlet’s safe return. The group, unhappy with the amount they have been paid for a Shroud Tosaken Corporation was willing to pay millions of credits for, is able to barter until their pay is increased to 50,000c each.

Arriving on Korriban the group find the dig-site quite easily and infiltrate it with few problems (Pike knocks out a guard while the rest of the group enter the site).

Not far into the tomb the group face plenty of Sith Zombies and see Force Ghosts, and come across lots of dead people from the mining expedition who have seemingly gone mad, as well as Sith Zombies (some old, some new – the expedition team) – this comes to a head in a chamber where the help defend a female scientist who is being beset upon by Sith Zombies, and the group realize they need to feed blood to a throne to open a chamber and gain access to “The Red Engine”.

Dispatching the zombies in short order, R4 calculates the total amount of blood needed to activate the throne and takes a portion from each of the living team members and the scientist. Not enough to harm any of them, but combined enough to activate the throne.

Entering the next chamber they come across the device itself, and Ni’lani meditates at it, starting off and ancient activation code which releases waves of K’lor Slugs who act as the guardians to Tulak Hord’s true chamber. Among them is a large and powerful Broodqueen, but the group are able to work together to defeat it.
Unfortunately, even once they beat the Slugs all it does is activate the door mechanism, the group find they cannot enter the Tomb itself unless they are “pure” (basically it needs Sith DNA to open the door, and the only one with any chance of doing that is Hylo as he is ½ Sith). Once inside the Tomb there are many Sith Artifacts and Holocrons as well as the Gauntlets of prominent display. Also among the belongings are 3 rare lightsaber Crystals (Amethyst, Firkrann and Bondar), and three of the Holocrons teach new force abilities/

When trying to remove the gauntlets from their encasement, the group are confronted by Zavax (who they last met on Anx Minor) who warns that it is booby-trapped and will explain that he works for someone who wants to make sure the items (he seems to know about the Mask, Shroud and Gauntlets as well as the Ring) don’t get into Zell’s hands – or rather, the hands of Tosaken Corp. He explains he works for a group of Jedi who are in hiding that want the items contained, “lost” or destroyed, because bringing them together could mean “something terrible” – he explains that he doesn’t really understand, but that he owes the leader of the group a life debt and asks them to go with him to speak to the Jedi rather than turn the Gauntlets over to Zell.

The group reluctantly decide to go with Zavax but realize that the woman they saved from Sith zombies has vanished as some point and that when they get back to the surface her speeder and ship are gone.
The players will have plenty of reasons to distrust Zavax (the fact he nearly got them killed on Anx Minor for example) but they take him at his word and he says he will lead them to a secret Jedi Enclave, reiterating how big a chance he is taking on them because if the Confederacy knew where they were all their lives would be forfeit.

Zavax explains that he knows what happened on Onderon and that The Confederacy sent a large force there but that the HuMech forces had already escaped, and that High Councillor Heriscalsh Zellaris of The Confederacy had stated that The HuMech Empire has to pay for the sacking of Onderon, the death of the Onderon Royal Family and that of Magnate Daseaed Tai. (It is assumed the Princess is dead).


Although Savax’s ship (a Jumpstar HPF starfighter, see Here) is jump-capable, he docks it aboard The Moonshadow as a show of faith, and he leads the characters to a set of co-ordinates of a seemingly unimportant world in Auril Sector of The Badlands – a world once steeped heavily in Force Tradition and one that managed to survive The Shade and The Force Cull better than others: Ossus.
There he takes the Moonshadow as far as orbit and requests the group follow him down in his ship as the jungle canopies would make it difficult to land anything larger than a star-fighter. He takes them to what remains of the capital city of Knossa near the Eocho Mountains. The vast majority of the city is decimated/deserted, and Savax explains that things are left in that manner so as to make others think there is nothing there.
He leads them deep into the city and into an old mono-rail station. Taking them to an “out of order” lift he explains that the others are underground and takes them down in the lift.

The Jedi Enclave they arrive in couldn’t be more different from the surface: alive and vibrant, subterranean gardens illuminated by crystals on the walls with homes, shops and buildings carved directly into the rockface. Approx 100 Force Sensitives (from children to elders) live there, with most being native Ysanna, but with many other species in residence.

The group are taken to “Vosin”, an elderly male Ysanna and de-facto leader of the Force User Enclave where he explains to them that the four items cannot be combined as they are something to do with a vision that one of their seers, a young Human boy called Nathan had about a terrible tyranny of Force Users sweeping over the galaxy. He admits he has no idea what Tosaken Corp would have to do with such a prophecy but looks to Ni’lani and Pike when he says they “must have felt the disturbance in the Force when the mask was obtained”.
Nathan shows Ni’lani the vision he had, which shows each of the stars in the Galaxy going out one-by-one as it is consumed by an encroaching darkness, and she also sees the masked figure from her own vision again.

Vosin is more than happy to help Ni’lani and Pike (and even Hylo) with any training, but asks that the Gauntlets NOT be given over to their “masters” – he points out he has no interest in keeping it there because it would only draw attention to their secret retreat, but he doesn’t see the point of it being destroyed either; he suggests hiding it.

Savax suggests taking the gauntlets into HuMech space, pointing out that if Hugh can get access to The Network as well he can find out more about the attacks on Onderon and what is going on. The Galaxy is ill-prepared to survive another intergalactic conflict between The Confederacy and The Empire, and he may be able to stop that if quick enough.

They still need to ensure the Princess’ safety, especially if the Gauntlets don’t make it back to Tosaken Corporation, and even though she is probably already on Coruscant by that point, and with Malius acting as her guardian, she is probably not safe. Savax offers to go and retrieve them, which the group agrees to. In the meantime, they use the Holonet to locate the nearest Network Node and discover that a HuMech Listening Station exists above the planet Drongar in the Drongar System, on the borders of HuMech space….


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