Arruna Er'tsa

Twi'lek Scout/Bounty Hunter


Medium Twi’lek Scout 6
Force Points: 8; Dark Side: 0
Init: 12; Senses: Perception 15
Languages: Basic, ryl, lekku sign and huttese.
Defenses: Ref 21 (flat-footed 18), Fort 23, Will 18
hp: 52; Threshold: 22
Speed: 6 squares / 30ft
Melee: Vibro Rapier + 6 (2d6 +2) or
Ranged: Fire Lance + 7 (3d8 / 4d6 stun) (or alt-fire)
Ranged: Grenade Launcher + 7 (8d6 Concussion / 4d6 Stun / 4d6 Ion)
Base Atk: +4; Grp -1
Atk Options: Vehicular Combat, Starship Tactics, Angle Deflector Shields, Intercept, Segnors Loop.
Force Powers Known: N/A
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 15, Cha 13

Traits: Resilient, Urban tracker, Criminal upbringing, Mentored, Mercenary (Drawback: family ties).

Talents: Acute senses, Improved initiative, Reconnaissance team leader.

Feats: Skill focus (perception and pilot), Vehicular combat, Weapon proficiency (simple, pistols, rifles, heavy weapons and advanced mele weapons), Starship tactics (angle deflector sheilds, intercept and segnors loop).

Skills: Initiative 12, Knowledge 11(technical), Mechanics 11, Perception 15, Pilot 16, Stealth 16 (with camo poncho, 11 without), Survival 10, Use Computer 12.

Possessions: 1 vibro rapier, 1 sorosuub firelance with attached grenade launcher, 4 stun grenades, 4 concussion grenades, 4 ion grenades, 2 camo ponchos, 2 pairs of binder cuffs, 1 space suit, 1 utility belt (3 days of food capsules, a medpack, a toolkit, a spare power pack, a spare energy cell, a glow rod, a comlink, a liquid cable dispenser with small grappling hook), 1 bandolier, 1 visual wrist comm, 1 surveillance detector, 1 surveillance tagger and 1 abnormal 3po droid.


Name: Arruna Er’tsa
Species: Twi’lek
Homeworld: Ryloth
Age: 19
Height & Weight: 1.5m and 55kg

Brief Description: Short, curvy and agile with light red skin and a natural dark red pattern down both lekku.

Personal Starship: Obyrru (‘Nightmare’ in basic). A custom built gunship based on the old Baudo class specter. Built to a very high spec, the Obyrru is equiped with heavy anti ship and anti personal weapons, coupled with a vast array of support systems and onboard facilties. The Obyrru is both fast and deadly, though it is also capable of disable and capture operations should the need arise. Baudo class yacht by thedarkestseason d33w812Baudo class star yacht black modifiedby


Region of Origin: Imperial
Homeworld: Ryloth
(Mother:) Koyi Er’tsa (age 57-retired bounty hunter)
(Father:) Rach’talik Er’tsa (age 60-retired bounty hunter)
(Sibling 1): Val’sil Er’tsa (age 27-diplomat)
(Sibling 2): Car’ulorn Er’tsa (age 26-Body guard to Val’sil)
(Sibling 3): Kinsa Er’tsa (age 24-merchant)
(Sibling 4): Nalan Er’tsa (age 23-dancer/singer)
(Sibling 5): Ral’rai Er’tsa (age 20-unemployed/lives at home-twin of Mogra)
(Sibling 6): Mogra Er’tsa (age 20-unemployed/lives at home-twin of Ral’rai)


Circumstances: Middle class birth

About Parents: Both alive

Parents Professions (at time of birth/creation)
(Father): Retired bounty hunter
(Mother): Retired bounty hunter


Event: Mentorship


Class Background: Bounty hunter
Influential Associates: Well connected friend (Relegan)


Event: Constant warfare
Views on The Contagion: Natural disaster
How it effected others around you: Some family and friends dead or injured
How You Survived it: Survived possession


Romantic Relationships: Experience but no serious relationships
Relationship with Crew Mates: Knows Ni’lani by reputation.


Drawback: Family ties


Stance in the ConFed/HuMech Conflict: Mercenary interest
Part you played: Opportunistic

Personal Social Standing: Drifter
Contacts: Arms Merchant, Smuggler

Arruna Er'tsa

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