Hexxer Kai

Human Force User (Nightsister of Dathomir)


Hexxer Kai was a Human Force User who once belonged to the ancient Force Tradition of The Nightsisters of Dathomir.

Heavily invested in the Dark Side of the Force, Hexxer Kai worked with Savax to uncover the location of a Talisman of the Raven on the dead world of Anx Minor, in Vault 208. Coincidentally this also happened to be the item that Tres Zell was after and had sent the characters to procure.

When Hexxer would not surrender the Talisman to the group she entered single combat with Ni’lani Nuwera, but lost in a lightsaber duel with her. Hexxer died on Anx Minor in 515 ABY due to this confrontation.

Hexxer Kai

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