“ConFed” is the slang term for The Confederacy – or to use its correct title: “The Confederacy of Worlds”

The Confederation of Worlds, also known as just ‘The Confederation’, ‘The Confederation of
Systems’ or ‘ConFed’ is the legitimate ruling body of the Galaxy, and rules all worlds from The
Deep Core out to The Outer Rim Territories (though it only has the power to effectively police out as far as The Mid Rim Territories to date).
Like the Galactic Alliance that took over from the New Republic after citizens felt that they had dealt with things poorly in wartime, The Confederacy was born from a vote of no confidence in The Galactic Federation Triumvirate after the events of The Contagion.
Not to be confused with The Confederacy (also known as The Seperatists) during the time of The
Clone Wars, it is interesting to note that the two organisations do share a lot of beliefs at least in their ideology, if not in their methods.
In times past there would often be two great powers – most commonly one representing the Galactic
Republic and the other representing The Sith Empire – and these two forces, though they would
often change their leaders and ideals, would remain roughly the same. One would seek to follow a
path of order and learning, whereas the other would promote conflict and growth.
The Confederacy is actually a merging of these two forces, and is comprised of what was once the
Galactic Republic and the Imperial Remnant. In the time of The Contagion the Galaxy pulled
together, and even though everyone had their backs against the wall The Shade managed to do
something not even the mighty Yuuzhan Vong could not achieve: it unified the entire Galaxy against a single enemy.
After the defeat of The Shade and before the HuMech Empire was formed, for a brief moment the Galaxy stood as one people under one government – that of The Confederacy of Worlds.

Charged with safeguarding the ‘civilized’ worlds, The Confederacy poured most of its resources
into the restoration of the Mid Rim Territories and bolstering the Core Worlds and the regions
around it. Still cleaning up after the events of The Yuuzhan Vong War, The Confederacy are
generally seen favourably by those who have the most to benefit from their presence and protection, but the further one moves from the Core Worlds and the less prominently the reach of The Confederacy is felt, opinions begin to waver. Although most people still believe for example that The Force Cull was necessary, those who live out in the Mid Rim and beyond feel that it was perhaps an over-the-top response to the problem and feel that the HuMechs should have been
drafted sooner (of course these people tend to be more sympathetic to the HuMech situation as a

Despite this limited presence the further one moves from the Core Worlds, The High Council of The Confederacy believe that with their limited resources it makes more sense to not spread their resources too thinly. While this makes conditions such as lawlessness in The Badlands and the entire HuMech Empire a reality, it also means that the condensed ConFed forces are a powerful bastion of civilization should the Galaxy be invaded once again.
Though it is the goal of The Confederacy to expand their influence to the levels of Galactic
governments before them, they recognize that this is a long-term plan and so far it is a tactic which has held true and kept them strong.

The Confederacy consist of a Civilian-led High Council and bureaucratic organization called “The Administration” (Led by High Councillor Heriscalsh Zellaris and managed by law-masters called Magnates), a military arm consisting of a Navy Force, an Infantry Force and the Confederacy Police (Led by Supreme Commander Devlin Kessler) and an internal secret service known as “Confederacy Intelligence” (Led by Intelligence Director Lin Yukanni).


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