Gandolo Base

Gandolo Base was a mining base upon the moon of Gandolo IV in the Lahara Sector in The Badlands. Originally a lucrative Bronzium mining operation its was taken over by The Xarr Hutt Cartel until Bronzium became too commonplace, whereupon it was all but abandoned by The Cartel and left more or less in the hands of the Grey Sun Mercenaries.

Once a prosperous mining facility that dealt in copious quantities of Bronzium, Gandolo Base came to the attention of the Xarr Hutt Cartel: the largest, wealthiest and most notorious of the Hutt Cartels working out of The Badlands. Once Bronzium became more commonplace however, the moon soon fell out of favour and was all but abandoned by The Hutts who left their own forces in place as ‘law enforcement’ and in the years that followed it fell into disrepute. Now just another fringe town at the end of the galaxy, Gandolo Base is full of people who either owe The Hutts too much to leave, or know no other life. bq).

Apart from its star port and prison, there was little of interest on the base (which was about the size of a small city) with the exception of The Beggar’s Hope Cantina.

Gandolo base

Gandolo Base

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