The Contagion

In 482 ABY on the border between the most distant point of The Farthest Reaches and the
neighboring galaxy, a race of lizard-like humanoids known as the Cerrim discover a derelict and abandoned sta rship of unknown origin.
When a research crew is sent across to investigate they unwittingly awaken an ancient entity – later known to the galaxy at large as The Shade – and the entire crew become possessed by it.

Travelling back to their home-world as carriers, the research crew infect others and as the hive mind of The Shade begins working through its hosts, and in just three short years the entire species of the Cerrim are under the thrall of The Shade and it controls all eight worlds that make up the Cerrim Empire.
Though the Cerrim are Force Sensitive, none of their species possess Force Users, but The Shade
(which feeds on Force Energy) becomes interested in the Galaxy and mobilizes the entire Cerrim
species – augmented with its own dark energies and Shadowtech – toward The Unknown Regions.

When worlds in The part of space start to go dark, both The Triumvirate and The Jedi send
teams to investigate. Instead of getting a clear report, contact with the teams is lost until a few reports escape of ‘possessed Jedi leading swarms of dark-skinned aliens’ filter back to the Jedi.

When the forces of The Shade reach Ilum, The Sith send an army of Sith Sorcerers and Warriors to hold the line, but they too become enthralled only adding to the Shade’s numbers.
In 485 ABY the Chiss launch a massive counter-attack against The Shade and manage to leak out information that they seem to be suffering the effects of mind control just before Csilla also falls.
A year later and all communication is lost with the Unknown Regions, and The Shade reaches the
outer-rim worlds.

The invasion of The Shade becomes known as The Contagion.

The Triumvirate launch a massive fleet to strike against the agents of The Shade, but are repelled, losing almost half their ships.
When The Triumvirate, Sith and Jedi hold talks on how to stop them it is suggested that a force
unable to be mind-controlled would have the most chance of success, representatives are sent to the Yuuzhan Vong for aid. The Vong decline to help, pointing out that the fact they are not susupetable meants they hold no interest to The Shade.

The trio of powers are forced to instead use the Humech, knowing at they cannot be mentally cohersed. Creating vast manufacturing depots taking over whole worlds, 1st Gen Humechs and scientists from various species work together to design the second generation of Humechs to stand against the Shade.

In the same year word from refugees reaches The Triumvirate that The Shade seems to be targeting
Force Users before all others, and panic breaks out across the Galaxy. Non-Force Sensitive citizens start turning on Force Users in their hundreds, incarcerating or often executing them in the hopes keeping the gaze of The Shade passing over them.

495 ABY sees the first sizable victory against The Shade when Humech forces force them to retreat
from an attack on the world of Mindor.

During a skirmish on the planet of Wayland, Humech soldiers are able to capture and interrogate a
Cerrim Shadoweaver and discover the Shade’s thirst for Force Energies. Relaying the information to The Triumvirate, an official order is passed in secret to round up and exterminate all Force Users – Jedi, Sith and anyone showing Force Sensitivity. This law is known as “Order Omega-9” but later becomes known by its more common name: The Force Cull.
The Jedi Council and Dark Council go into hiding but in the months that follow thousands upon thousands of Force Sensitive individuals are executed.

Whether it made a difference or not nobody can say for sure, but many say it was the combination
of the weakened state of The Shade and the unrelenting attacks of the Humechs that finally forced
The Shade Entitiy to retreat back across the Galactic border in 500 ABY, leaving its minions –
including the entire race of the Cerrim – back under their own control once again.

The Contagion

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