Star Wars: Confederacy Era

Episode I: Breakout


A long time ago

In the Gandolo System deep in The Badlands, The Distant Star maintains a stationary orbit around the moon Gandolo IVIV. Aboard the Shyrack-class transport four companions – Hylo Cohl, a Mirialan ex-Confederacy Soldier; Hugh Mann, a 2nd-Gen HuMech and tech expert, Ni’lani Nuwa, a Togruta refugee strong in The Force; and Pike Shas’Ti, a nomad Gesk of the Shas’ti Clan – await contact from the fifth member of their group: Kabe, a Chara-Fan con-artist who traveled down to Gandolo Base on the moon’s surface some eleven and a half hours ago.

Once a prosperous mining facility that dealt in copious quantities of Bronzium, Gandolo Base came to the attention of the Xarr Hutt Cartel: the largest, wealthiest and most notorious of the Hutt Cartels working out of The Badlands. Once Bronzium became more commonplace however, the moon soon fell out of favour and was all but abandoned by The Hutts who left their own forces in place as ‘law enforcement’ and in the years that followed it fell into disrepute. Now just another fringe town at the end of the galaxy, Gandolo Base is full of people who either owe The Hutts too much to leave, or know no other life.

When Kabe fails to check in fro his twelve-hour window, the group begin to grow concerned. Kabe was hired by a client in the Mirgoshir System to retrieve a package from Gandolo Base, and the four were due to get a tidy profit from helping his procure and return it. Concerned that their companion (and credits) may be in jeopardy, the group attempt to contact Kabe via his emergency implanted cybernetic communicator. The news is not good: It seems Kabe was caught trying to get to the package, and he’s been slung into the local lockup.

The group decide to break their companion out and get the package that will lead to their pay-day, but they know nothing of the defenses that might await them and decide to head down to the moon for some information gathering. Due to the fact the moon is in one of its four-hour trade convoy hauls (where massive trading barges haul Bronzium out of the star port), The Distant Star is unable to land so the group take their personal star fighters instead. The Seillan Trident, The Phantom Katarn, The Shard, and The Forgotten Myth set down at the star port, the group see that Kabe’s star fighter – The Lazy Mynock -is stationed there, unharmed.

Heading into Gandolo Base the group soon find one of the few enticing buildings for miles around: a cantina on the corner of two intersecting streets called The Beggar’s Hope. Though very few people can be seen out on the streets as they arrive, two are standing outside the cantina: a large Human man with a slip of a Nautolan girl, who vanishes into the backstreets when she sees them approach. The man is named Hax Vattal. and he acts as a bouncer for the cantina, yet he makes no attempts to bar their entry. It is noted that Hax bears the emblem of the Grey Sun Mercenaries upon his jacket, a group the four know are known to work for – among others – The Xarr Hutt Cartel.
Inside the cantina is more vibrant than outside, and the group soon start investigating not only Kabe’s predicament but also Gandolo Base in general.

After some asking around, the group fine three ways into the local prison to rescue their companion:

  • The Barman and owner – Kark (a friendly and overweight Gotal ) offers them a way in for 150 credits.
  • A very quiet man called Savax offers to get them inside, but says he will go his own way once he does so.
  • The Nautolan girl from outside, whose name turns out to be Nixeen says she knows a secret way in but will only tell the group if they promise to save her brother – Chask – who she says has been wrongly incarcerated.

After some consideration the group decide to take Nixeen up on her offer, but also take Savax along for extra firepower. Nixeen leads them through the streets and down into a set of disused waste pipes beneath the main complex of Gandolo Base. From there she leads them to a room that they says comes out underneath the library area of the prison. Savax is carrying a HoloMap of the building and confirms she is correct. In payment for their help he gives Hylo a copy of the map and the group head up a ladder into the room above while Nixeen vanished back into the tunnels.

The group do indeed surface in what looks like a library or some sort of data repository, but there is only one door in and out covered by a security camera. Hugh hacks into the system and replaces the footage with an empty data-loop, and Savax gives his thanks and leaves. The group exit the room to find two unconscious Grey Sun mercs who had presumably fallen to Savax. Unsure as to where to start looking the group are offered an opportunity when gunfire is heard at the other end of the complex, so they set out to look for Chask and Kabe.

It isn’t long before the group run into trouble in the form of Grey Sun mercenaries (who have been employed by The Xarr Cartel as ‘law enforcement’) and even an 818 ‘Guard Dog’ Droid. Defeating their opponents in a firefight (and Hugh making off with some of the less-damaged droid parts), the group discovers Chesk and not only do they free him but decide to open all the other cells in the block to cause a diversion which seems to work, because the amount of mercs they meet – alive – on route to saving Kabe seems lessened. When they do find the Chandra-Fan he tells them that he saw the package taken into an armoury, which is where the group head to next.

Finding the guards already dead at the armoury the group assume it was either inmates or – more likely – Savax, but decide not to linger long and set to breaking into the armoury. They grab the package (which seems to be some sort of case), as much gear as they can safely carry, and high-tail it out of the prison. With alarms going off they know it won’t be long before reinforcements arrive so Hylo, Hugh, Ni’lani, Pike, Kabe and Chask make a desperate run for the star port.

On route they meet Nixeen who is overjoyed to see her brother again, but lacking any time to stop and ensure they are both safe the group continue on their way to the star port. Getting there they find the Grey Suns are onto them and have to fight their way to their ships. Once aboard their star fighters they leave orbit towards The Distant Stat but Grey Sun Fighters are close behind them and a space battle ensues in the atmosphere of Gandolo Iv, with the group taking out enemy fighters all the way to docking with the lead ship, The Distant Star, which is already prepping the Hyperdrive engines thanks to their two Astromech Droids.

Once safely aboard The Distant Star enters Hyperspace leaving the Gandolo System and heading towards Tondatha Station to deliver the package and get their payment…


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