Star Wars: Confederacy Era

Episode II: New Deals


After rescuing Kabe and collecting the package from Gandolo Base, the group evade perusing Grey
Sun mercenaries and escape into Hyperspace.
With an uneventful journey to the Mirgoshir System, the group are able to go over some of their
spoils and share out the wealth.
As The Distant Star leaves Hyperspace in Mirgoshir, the group get to the planet of Agamar and
their destination – Tondatha Station – without any problems, but notice that a [Confederacy
Support Cruiser] is docked undergoing refueling and repairs.
Cautiously Hylo, Pike, Hugh, Ni’lani and Kabe travel aboard the station with their package for
Kabe’s contact; an Umbaran man who goes by the name of Tres Zell. When they meet with the contact he pays them and explains he is part of a huge mega-corporation called Tosaken Corp(easily the largest company in the entire of The Badlands). Zell opens the case and produces a crystal, explaining that it contains co-ordinates to a vault on the now Dead World of Anx Minor which houses an artefact his corporation is after; and is willing to pay a substantial reward to
acquire. Better yet, it is part of a set and the group are invited to find all the parts and make an exceptional amount of credits in the process.

The group agrees but is almost immediately interrupted by an explosion which destroys the door to
Zell’s apartment and sends the group fleeing for cover. Kabe is killed in the explosion and Zell
mortally wounded, but the remainder of the group are tasked with stopping an exceptionally well armed Cathar Bounty Hunter who seems more than slightly surprised to find Zell with company.
After a short and brutal fight the group kill the Bounty Hunter but are then required to defend
themselves again when security come to access the scene. During the confusion Ni’lani pockets the
crystal from Zell’s case which seems oddly unaffected by the explosion.

In the aftermath Zell is taken into the medical bay for treatment and the group are forced to remain on the station while security try to figure out how such a well-armed person got past them.
Concerned that they might be spotted by ConFed forces the group return to The Distant Star.
A few hours later they are contacted by Zell who asks them to visit him in the medical bay, where
they find out that he knew the Bounty Hunter; a Cathar who went by the name of Kharvis but
couldn’t understand why he would try to attack them, seeing as he is commonly hired by Tosaken
Corp. He asks if they have the crystal, and when they acknowledge he asks them to hold onto it
because they will need it to activate a map once they get to Anx Minor. He says he has had a word
with the Security Chief on the station (an old friend) and has arranged for their release.
He says due to his current assassination attempt he will contact them securely once he has arrived at a safer location.

Returning to The Distant Star the group find that they are no longer locked to the station, good to Zell’s word, and so leave Tondatha Station as quickly as possible and venture into space toward Anx Minor.
Unfortunately for the group when they drop out of Hyperspace around the planet they find a group
of Dark Star Pirates planning to pillage the area…..


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