Star Wars: Confederacy Era

Episode IV: City of Lights

Once coming out of Vault 208, the group go back to The Distant Star and send an encoded message to Tres Zell via Hyperspace relay to inform him that they have the “artefact” – shortly after that they receive an encoded response saying he is at Vorzyd V, and would like them to take the artefact there, to Casino Royale in the Captial City of Efavan where they will receive their payment. Their Astromech droids X8-1 and X8-2 prep the ship for lift off.

Meanwhile on Vorzyd V, Arruna is in the capital city of Efavan stalking a mark for a bounty (Tanner Kolbrun, a swindler and cardshark) who owes a large gambling debt to the owner of “The Last Card”, (a Casino in the city of Efavan, Vorzyd V), but Tanner has hired mercenaries to get him off world. Arruna has been hired by Rathe Dabrini, (owner of The Last Card Casino) to bring him in, and although he wants Tanner alive, doesn’t care about the fate of those protecting him.
Arruna starts in an airspeeder chasing Tanner through ‘The Belt’ (one of the cities’ Airspeeder routes) as he tries to get to Felana Space Port and onto his starship (A Kryat Dragonfigher). Tanner is in one airspeeder along with 2 mercs (including a Mandalorian), and there is a second airspeeder carrying another 3 mercs, all trying to stop Arruna.
While the rear airspeeder tries to stop Arruna from reaching Tanner, it is a fruitless task as they are clearly outmatched by the Twi’lek Bounty Hunter who easily dispatches them. She then engages in combat with the lead airspeeder, and when the Mandalorian (Holdan Vhonte ) pulls out a mounted heavy repeater cannon, she takes action to bring the speeder down, by knocking the driver (Tanner) unconscious with a stun grenade and forcing his speeder into crash-land at the Star Port.
Though Tanner is unconscious during the impact, Vhonte is not, and the Mandalorian and Twi’lek square off for battle: one which is short ingloriously short by Arunna when she lobs a concussion grenade into the warriors’ face, flinging him into a nearby wall which breaks his neck, killing him.

With an unconscious Tanner in tow, Arunna returns to The Last Card to see Dabrini who gives her 1,000c for Tanner and explains that an old friend of hers – Relegan – is in the City and may well have some work for her. Dabrini explains that Relegan is currently staying in The Lady Luck Cantina at the Casino Royale.

Hugh, Hylo, Ni’lani and Pike land at Felana Space Port in The Distant Star. The Star Port is having repairs done after the previous gunfight (Droids doing all the work). A quick Knowledge: Galactic Lore check reveals the planet’s history of being a leisure world where the populous either follow their leisure pursuits or hold positions of power, leaving droids to do all the work. Moments after they arrive and disembark they get a message from Tres Vell asking them to meet him at the Balcony Lounge in the Royale Grande Hotel. The group take a droid-piloted Hovertaxi from Efavan Port to Casino Royale after doing some quick purchasing/selling/repairs, and they arrive at the Casino without incident. The “Casino” itself is a several kilometer’s long set of buildings housing hundreds of casinos, hotels, gambling dens, cantinas and any other establishments catering to entertainment. The group are easily find The Royale Grande, one of the largest and most exclusive hotels in the Casino Royale.

Arruna arrives at the Casino Royale and meets up with Relegan in the Lady Luck Cantina, who says he may have a well paid job for her: one of his business contacts – an Umbaran corporate agent for Tosaken Corporation – is on Vorzyd V and would like someone to accompany a group he is planning to hire to help recover an item. Once Arruna accepts, Relegan sends a holo-message to Vell, saying to expect her.

Hugh, Hylo, Ni’lani and Pike arrive at Royale Grande Hotel and find the security there to be very tight, and are asked to hand over their weapons (which they’ll get back after). They are then shown by security (droids again) to the Balcony Lounge which has a fantastic view over the many establishments of the Casino Royale. Tres is there and offers them a drink, he has a couple of heavies for company (he simply says he is stepping up security since the attack on Tondatha Station). one Kaleesh and one Feeorin.
After accepting the talisman, he seems surprised that anyone else was there, but thanks them and gives them each 1,500c and entrusts the artefact (still in its case) to the Feeorin bodyguard.

At this point Arruna arrives and Tres makes his introductions and introduces the others, only to discover some of them have already. Though the larger group have a tendency to work well together, Vell thinks they might benefit from Arruna’s talents to fill the void of their late crew mate, Kabe.
Tres says he has a lead (or rather had) on the second artefact in the set: an ancient mask. He says ‘had’ because the last person to know of its whereabouts was one Dr. Malius Starfire, a Human from the Tion noble house of Starfire. Malius was last seen in the Casino Royale, speaking to Esk Amedda, a swoop-racer found at the Red Rage Circuit in The Warrens. Tres wants to hire the group, for 2,000c each this time, to find Malius and then find the mask and return it to him.

It doesn’t take the group long to find the Red Rage Circuit, but Esk is in a race when they arrive. They watch the race until its conclusion and then get a chance to talk to him. Esk thinks very highly of himself and is a bit of braggart, but responds well to people calling his bluff (so long as they don’t make him look stupid) as he considers most of the people on Vorzyd V to be foppish and boring. When questioned about Malius his eyes light up with interest and says he is happy to tell the group where they can find the doctor, so long as one of them races him. Pike takes up the challenge under an alias of Averice McGee, and competes against Esk in a four-lap race. He crosses the first lap line in equal place with the Chagrian, beats him across the line in the second, draws equal in the third and wins the fourth lap, but only just. This is enough for Esk though, as he is so impressed he doesn’t only tell the group where Malius is, he shows them: Malius is being held at the Hrakia Embassy after he attempted to gain entry into the embassy’s systems and dig up information on a rival Noble (Hrakian) family house ( Tja’ski ).

The group decide to infiltrate the embassy by means of stealth, with Ni’lani using The Force to cloak herself from others’ presence while she scouts the interior of the building. Meanwhile the rest of the group enter via the roof and between Ni’lani and Pike they are able to gain access to a security room and from that point, the location of Malius and Senator Kelsarbu Tja’ski. They discover Malius is being held pending some sort of investigation regarding planetary secrets, but because the group need to get to him – and specifically the Mask – they hatch a plan to spring him from the embassy.

The group find and confront the Senator, who seems unguarded in his office. Pressing their point puts him on the defensive however, and he raised a Ray Shield around him and part of the room, but not before Ni’lani, Pike and Arruna are able to get inside the shield. With Hugh and Hylo trapped outside, poisonous gas begins to enter the room. Before the gas can harm Hylo, Pike, Ni’lani and Arruna ‘convince’ the senator to open the door to his office, allowing the smoke to escape. Shortly after Ni’lani pulls her Light-foil on him and, in fear of his life the Senator agrees to let them go and take Malius with them. Arruna knocks him out to ensure their safe escape.

Pike causes a distraction while the group head to the interrogation wing to spring the Doctor.

Upon rescuing him, Malius says he is willing to help them if they help him get off the planet; he has a Neebray Class Shuttle. He knows who owns the mask, a Vorzydiak merchant called Shen, who can be found on the planet Vorzyd IV (the neighbouring world).

The group and Malius head back to the Star Port and load his ship aboard The Distant Star, and the transport along with The Obyrru head to Vorzyd IV.

As it turns out it doesn’t take them long to find the merchant, they don’t even get as far as landing on the planet: Malius recognizes the merchant’s ship – an ancient Gage-Class Transport known as The Moonshadow – but it seems to be dead in the water, with pirate ships attacking from all sides….


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