Star Wars: Confederacy Era

Episode VI: Onderon's Burning


In the panic that surrounds the entrance of the heavily armed individuals and the woman who seems to lead them, the group spring into action as people scatter in all directions. Using The Force to cloak her movements, Ni’lani grabs Lady Aeris Kira from the podium from which she was speaking, pulling her to safety. Pike similarly uses The Force to move with superhuman speed and claims The Shroud. Arruna, Hylo, Hugh & Malius take defensive positions around the room.


Hugh recognizes the woman as a HuMech but, separated from his colleagues, is unable to relay the fact. As the Onderon Royal Security Guards split there attention between removing civilians and trying to encircle the intruders, Magnate Daseaed Tai steps forward to confront the woman. Declaring who he is and what he represents does nothing to concern her, despite the fact that The Confederacy that he represents have major influence in the sector. In response to his introduction, she shoots him dead with twin shots from her blaster pistols.
As people scream and security forces raise their weapons, they too are shot dead by the armoured troops whose reactions seem considerably quicker.

With so many civilians in the room the group decide to lay low for the moment, and the woman takes the opportunity to address the crowd. With gunfire and explosions going on outside it is evident that this isn’t an isolated incident. Though she never says who she is, the woman says that she has a message to deliver and, while flanked by her guards she sets up a holo-emitter. The large glowing-blue flickering image expands out to the ceiling, showing a man dressed in armour with one mechanical eye and a bald head. Seemingly Human, he does a short address which, from the echo of his voice, seems to be simultaneously broadcast outside as well.


Claiming to be “The Humech Empire”, he states that the entire Royal Onderon Family are now his prisoners and seems to address the entire Confederacy when he says that they will be released only when ‘his people’ who are held illegally on Coruscant are released. Then, as quickly as he begins the address it is switched off.
Of course, the players know that at least Lady Kira is not in their possession.
The woman states that the princess is to be handed over or people will die, but by that point Ni’lani has already managed to smuggle her out of the room. An unknown sniper shot from somewhere on the roof takes out one of the armoured guards and a fire-fight ensues. While Hugh and Malius get into cover and try to leave the room to get weapons, Arruna and Hylo engage the foes in combat.

Pike secures an exit for the rest of the group while Hylo engages two of the armoured individuals in melee combat. Taking a moment to call her ship to the roof via a remote communicator, Arruna throws two grenades at the largest group of “HuMech Soldiers”, one fragmentation and the other an EMP grenade.

Though the vast majority of the enemies are taken out, the woman and a couple of others still stand. As Pike, Hugh and Malius meet up with Ni’lani and Lady Kira, they discover more Onderon Guard and HuMech Soldiers fighting in the corridor, and aid the Guard in defeating them, keeping Kira hidden at the same time.


As Hylo takes down the last of the guards in the room, he and Arruna turn their attentions on the woman, who poses more of a challenge. Even though she is pitted against a solider and a bounty hunter, she holds her own admirably, especially considering she had just survived an explosion. As Arruna keeps her pinned with blaster fire Hylo moves into melee range but is battered back with powerful unarmed moves, and he recognizes her fighting style as HuMech Special Forces. Adjusting his stance accordingly he attacks again, and as she alters her defence to match his attack, Arruna is able to take her time with an aim and get a killing shot to the head. She staggers, looks confused for a second then shudders as if suffering an electric shock, then the light drains from her eyes and she collapses to the floor.

Joining the others outside, Hylo and Arruna bring with them a collection of the soldiers weapons (blaster carbines). Arruna explains that her ship is on route but they need to get to the roof. As the group make their way up the building they encounter more invading soldiers but work as a group to get past them. As they manage to get to the roof of the university it is evident that the domes roofs and spires mean there is no space for the ship to land, but a building not far from their position would allow a safe LZ. Arunna fires a zip line across to the other building and the group begin to make their way across just as The Obyrru appears through the clouds to make its descent. From their vantage point the group can see the devestation: Onderon is under invasion. The streets of Iziz burn, buildings are being bombarded from orbit and the dead litter the streets. HuMech soldiers are arriving by drop-ship, attacking military and civilians alike. Knowing the only chance for the Princess – and perhaps the Onderon Royal Line – is in their hands, the group decide to take the young Lady Kira with them.

As the group reach the other building and board The Obyrru, Arruna takes manual command of the ship and begins her return flight to The Moonshadow. Avoiding incoming dropships where she can or destroying them where she has to, Arruna manages to get the group back safely to The Moonshadow, which is hidden in orbit around the moon Dxun in case they needed a quiet extraction.

Once aboard the Moonshadow, the group try to retreat from Onderon space as things are just too dangerous in the orbit of the planet. A HuMech Fleet consisting of over two-hundred ships are assaulting the planet, and despite a Royal Onderon Navy defense fleet trying to keep them at bay, the HuMechs have among their number a massive dreadnought capital ship which Hugh proclaims to be a Warstar, the most powerful ship in the HuMech ship arsenal. Heavily outclassing everything else in the sky, the mammoth vessel destroyed ship after ship so the group generally avoided it, but when they tried to jump into hyperspace they found they could not. Hugh mentioned that some Warstars were fitted with Hyperspace Jammers and it seemed likely that the Warstar was stopping any ships jumping in or out of the system. Luckily Hugh knew approximately where the jammer was houses on the ship and while Onderon Forces assaulted it head on, the group brought the entire firepower of the Moonshadow to bare on the area that Hugh pointed out and, luckily, were able to destroy the jammer. They did not wait around to see how the space battle ended.

Once safely away, Ni’lani comforts the young Princess who, unsure of the fate of her parents, is understandibly distressed. Pike contacts Tres Zell to say that the shroud is in their possession, but deliberately leaves out the part about Onderon being attacked….


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