Magnate Daseaed Tai

Confederacy Magnate of Onderon


Daseaed Tai is a Magnate, a member of the ruling class of The Confederacy. Able to enforce Confederacy law upon the planet on Onderon, he has the power to supercede even the wishes of the Royal Family when it comes to the law.

The aging Kel Dor is a quiet and reserved man, quite approachable (for a Magnate) with a soft spot for the young Lady Aeris Kira, who reminds him of his daughter back home. Nevertheless he is unshakable when it comes to Confederacy law, and would enforce the Force Cull Law if the situation demanded it,

Tai was killed in 515 ABY when he was shot by a HuMech revolutionary who was attempting to kidnap Lady Aeris Kira from the University of Iziz.


Magnate Daseaed Tai

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