Tres Zell

Umbaran businessman for Tosaken Corp


Tres Zell is the Umbaran client who originally hires Kabe to procure an item that – he says – rightfully belongs to the company he works for: Tosaken Corporation.

Tres meets Hylo Cohl, Hugh Mann, Ni’lani Nuwera and Pike Shas’ti at Tondatha Station shortly before being attacked by Kharvis, a Cathar Bounty Hunter. Kabe is killed during the firefight, but the group give the item to Zell who shows them it is a crystal, part of a device needed to find Vault 208 on Anx Minor.

He hires the group to head there and collect the “relic” kept there, explaining it is part of a set and that he wished to hire them to find the rest of said set.

Tres Zell

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