Star Wars: Confederacy Era

Episode VIII: A Long Shadow




Arruna Er’tsa, Hylo Cohl, Hugh Mann, Ni’lani Nuwa and Pike Shas’ti travel through Hyperspace to the Drongar system and arrive not far from the planet Drongar itself. In orbit around the planet is the HuMech Listening Post that Savax mentioned, designated Listening Post C-21. The group hope to get Hugh linked in with The Network; to find out who the HuMech extremists were on Onderon, and to find somewhere to hide the Gauntlets.

The listening post is big enough for The Moonshadow to dock with directly, though it appears that it is offline, powered down, and almost dead in space. No damage seems to have been sustained, it looks completely intact from the outside but is maintaining its orbit around the planet.
Going aboard reveals that life support and gravity are off, and everything is powered down. Blood and severed limbs float weightlessly around the group as they enter the station, as well as several HuMech ‘corpses’ seemingly “off-line” but otherwise intact.
To get everything back online, find out what happened (and to reboot the connection to The Network), the group will need to find and repair the main generators.



The group travel through the station with no clues presenting themselves as to what caused the massacre. Eventually they get to the main generator room and Hugh is able to restore minimal power to Listening Post C-21.
Doing so reveals the long-range hyperspace relay is missing, replaced with a signal-repeater that tricked The Network into thinking it was sending out an ‘all-ok’ signal.
After connecting to the Station Hugh is able to gain access and begin restoring the connection to The Network, and inso doing is able to restore power and gravity, as well as granting the rest of the group access the station logs and discover that the station was sabotaged internally by a simultaneous EMP blast and shut-down of life support. Though HuMech vessels and stations are externally shielded from Electromagnetic pulses, internally the blast rendered all HuMechs inert and those sentients who didn’t immediately die from lack of oxygen were attacked and killed by shadowy humanoids who were able to make short work of the survivors.

The group head up to the command deck of the station so that Hugh can connect with the main computer.

Though Hugh is able to bring things back online – perhaps even the several thousand innert HuMechs, his hack of the system takes some time and, to the ire of the group, the saboteurs are still on board and aware of their presence since the systems came back online. The first the group know of them however, is when they attack them on the command deck using a form of stealth cloaking technology that makes them difficult to hit in combat. Worse, they seem to be some kind of Force Users and are equipped with Darksabers, like the one Ni’lani Nuwa recovered earlier in her travels.

The five assailants who attacked the group needed to be fended off while Hugh brought the station back online, and the fight was a difficult one: trained as assassins, the assailants nearly brought low members of the group more than once, but were eventually defeated through the teamwork of the group. Unmasked afterward they appear to be Cerrim, but the group barely get a chance to assimilate the information before they realize a sixth assassin was also on board the station and, to their frustration is escaping with the Moonshadow.

Unable to do anything but watch helplessly as their starship undocks from the station and enters hyperspace, the group are left stranded on the station with no other form of escape and little recourse but to wait while Hugh brings everything back online.

After about an hour Hugh is able to bring the stations’ systems back to full operational status, including their impressive short-range sensors which pick up several ships exiting hyperspace around the station and, seconds later the sky is filled with Gesk ships: Gesk Stealth Fighters and Skysharks. For the briefest moment it appears the group might be saved, but then they notice the ships fly the colours of the Dark Star Pirates….


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