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Set in 515 ABY, Star Wars: Confederacy is set over 300 years after the events of the films, almost
three and a half thousand years after The Old Republic Era and even the times of the Legacy Era
was generations ago. It is a different Galaxy, with different rules…

Star Wars: Confederacy introduces a new era of the Star Wars saga: one far further in the future
than any Extended Universe stories have gone so far. Much of it is familiar, it is still very much
‘Star Wars’ but a lot of the rules have changed. It’s a bigger Galaxy; The Unknown Regions while
still largely unmapped, are no longer the ‘edge of the galaxy’. Where once Jedi and Sith protected
and ruled the Galaxy now they are part of a lost legend and a thing of superstition and fear.
It is a time of great political upheaval and many once prosperous worlds slowly rebuild in the
aftermath of war. Powers rise and fall and opportunities for those savy enough to grasp them are
almost as common as the new and present dangers that flood the hypersapce lanes.
Though still continuing in the tradition of epic space opera, The Confederacy Era plucks its heroes
and villains from the humblest of beginnings and plunges them headlong into a Galaxy struggling
for balance.


Along the top of this page you will 8 tabs for quick navigation:

  • HOME: That’s this page you’re reading right now.
  • ADVENTURE LOG: This is where you’ll find each adventure written up for recap purposes. Alternatively you can also get to each one by clicking them right here:

Episode I: Breakout
Episode II: New Deals
Episode III: The Dead World
Episode IV: City of Lights
Episode V: Into The Drexl’s Den
Episode VI: Onderon’s Burning
Episode VII: Crossroads
Episode VIII: A Long Shadow

  • WIKI: This is where you will find all the information, and there will be a lot of it! Remember to use the ‘Search’ option if you need to find something quickly.
  • CHARACTERS: This is where you will find all Player Characters (PCs) and Non-Player Characters (NPCs) listed in the Campaign.
  • ITEMS: I wouldn’t bother going here just yet – there will be info there, but not for the moment!
  • FORUMS: This is where you go to chat about the campaign, ask questions of the GM, or even plan who is bringing the snacks next game.
  • CALENDAR: Check this Calendar to find out when the next game is, where, and who is coming along.
  • MAPS: On this page you can find three maps of the Galaxy as it is in the Confederacy Era. The first map (The Badlands) is a detailed view of the area once known as The Outer Rim, and is the place where most of the adventures take place. As such, markers are placed around the map showing the progression of the story. The second map (Territorial Galactic Map) shows the political borders of the galaxy, and the spheres of influcence for each of the factions, and finally the third map (Confederacy Era Galactic Map 515 ABY) shows the most generic and largest map with many markers including the various players homeworlds of birth (if they have one)
  • COMMENTS: This is pretty much what it looks like, where you leave comments about this campaign.

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