The Moonshadow

The Moonshadow is a modified Gage-Class Cruiser which the group took command of after boarding and seizing the ship in orbit around Vorzyd IV in 515 ABY.

Much larger than their previous ship – The Distant Star – It came with an unmarked Lambda-Class shuttle which was acquired by Hugh Mann.

The moonshadow

The Moonshadow
Colossal Frigate
Init: Pilot -10 Senses: Perception +6
Defenses: Ref: 15 (Flat Footed 15) Fort: 58 (10 + 48 Vehicle Str Modifier)
HP: 520 DR: 15 SR: 100 Threshold: 158
Speed: Fly 3 squares (starship scale)
Ranged: Light Dual Turbo Lasers (Gunner +2), Heavy Concussion Missile Launcher (Gunner +2), Tractor Beam (Gunner +2)
Fighting Space: 1 square (starship scale) Cover: Total (crew)
Base Attack: +2 Grp: +48
Attack Options: Autofire (Dual Turbo Lasers), Tractor Beam
Abilities: STR: 106 DEX: 10 CON: – INT: 12
Skills: Initiative: -10 Mechanics: +6 Perception: +6 Pilot: +0 Use Computer: +6
Crew: 10 Passengers: 10,000 (100 prisoners)
Cargo: 50,000 tonnes Consumables: 6 months Carried Craft: 200 units’ worth (see below)
Hyperdrive: x1 with a x3 backup

Current vessels:

  • “Obyrru” – custom-build craft based on Baudo class specter design. Owner: Arruna Er’tsa
  • “Voidrunner”, a Lambda Class shuttle. Owner: Hugh Mann
  • “The Seillan Trident”, an x83 Twin Tail Starfighter. Owner: Hylo Cohl
  • “The Shard”, a Tie Defender. Owner: Ni’lani Nuwa
  • “The Phantom Katarn”, a Gesk Stealth Fighter. Owner: Pike Shas’ti
  • “Xare”, a Neebtay Class shuttle. Owner: Malius Starfire

The Moonshadow

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